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This album was inspired by the rhythms on the Lowrey Magic Genie organ. A close listen reveals the Genie emerging in every one of these songs.


released July 20, 2012

Steve Skinner: Vocals, Guitars, Genie, Bass
Louie Girardot: Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
Captain X: Drums

Dan McCann: Bass on Lickety Split, Lady in the Wine, Drone and Yes we McCann
Greg Masse: guitar on “Genie,”
“Ready to Love You” and “Drone”
Steve Marker: Guitar on “Drone” and “Information”
Frank Martin: Guitar on “Corn”
Riley Skinner: Vocal on “Pull”
Dan Wininger: Percussion

Recorded at Shed Studio by Steve Skinner
Mixed by Steve Skinner and Captain X
Mastered by Jim Wilson
Cover Art by Caelena Eldred-Thielen

Songs by Steve Skinner
Corn and Information by Louie Girardot
Ready to Love You, Genie and Drone by
Steve Skinner and Greg Masse
Lady in the Wine by Dead Bob
Yes we McCann by Dan McCann
Sedated by the Ramones
copyright 2012 - All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


Steve Skinner Carbondale, Colorado

Music from the heart and head, the campfire and the cosmos.

Steve Skinner is a trendsetting trailblazer who does things the old fashioned way. He spends time in the desert canyon rivers playing concerts for great blue herons and canyon wrens.

The best way to reach him is to sing into a downstream breeze and then hold your breath to hear the answer.
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Track Name: Ready to Love You
We stand in peaceful opposition to police and politicians
Not buying what's sold on Internets and televisions
Fists and clubs and sprays will not stop the movement
It might not work out until you got something to do with it

I'm ready to love you now

Blame games names pains and gains come one at a time

I'm ready to love you now

We stand in peaceful opposition to police and politicians
Twisting out the truth untill the sane fall in line
Watching the clock I'll tell you now now is the time
Men on golden thrones with golden lids
Pitching intolerance as the way to heaven

I'm ready to love you now

We stand in peaceful opposition to police and politicians
Track Name: Lickety Split
My love is clear
You see me here
My heart is out
alking all around

You're high - Me too!
I'm higher - Than you!
I'm over - The moon!
I'll prove it - To you!


Why you always gotta be in such a hurry?
Too fast don't last always leads to worry
Slow down taste the coffee taste the tree
Slow down and have a little taste of me

Lickety Split

Hurry up getting hot and the ice cream headache is real
Moving fast make it last know just how it feels
Shaking quaking inflating I 'aint fakin baking shaking raking and taking
Track Name: Corn
When I was justa a itty bitty lad
Loaded up the car with my mom and dad
And headed out East for a couple of weeks

There in Nebraska I became aware
In the afternoon heat and the sun's evil glare
of a crop just right for the picking

It grows in rows and rows and rows
Lookin out the window I began to doze
If I didn't say what it was you'd call me roude

It comes in white and it comes in yellow
Fullly mature it's taller than a feller
Staple of the nation
Oyster of the great midwest

I'm talking about corn, corn
In flakes it greets me early in the morn
I'm talking about corn, corn
It's America's favorite food

At first it seemed to good to be true
A food that grows red, white and blue
And when you eat it, it's never fully digested

It started as the staple of the Indian Nation
Now it's the darling of the big corporations
And the possibiolities are still be tested

You can put it in your chickens you can put it in your cows
Farmers who grow it even put it in their plows
Chemists are turing it into some kind of wierd freeking syrup

Up from congress by unanimous motion
It's screwing up the soil and it's killing off the oceans
If you really want to eat it, you'd better not go to Europe

I'm talking about corn, corn
In flakes it greets me early in the morn'
I'm talking about corn, corn
It's America's favorite food
Track Name: Lady in the Wine
The lady in the wine
Looks just like you
The lady in the wine
Knows what to do
Smooth going down
Shimmering light
Splashing around and around tonight

The lady in the wine
A face from the past
Staring at me
Through my half empty glass
The light in her eyes
Tells what might have been
Spinning around and around and around again

The lady in the wine
Has time on her side
She lives in the place
Where memories hide
A vintage so rare
No glass can be found
To hold all the grace
Swirling around and around and around
Track Name: Pull
Stabbed in the heart
You can feel the pull of it
This is a start
It could be a full blown thing

Nobody else
Knows what you feel
Nobody else
Feels this pain

Now it's up to you to figure out what to do with this new information
Act and everybody else might think you're crazy

Nobody else knows what it's like
Nobody else sees what you see
Knows what you know
Loves what you love